Employment Law for Massachusetts Farmers

What should farms in Massachusetts consider when hiring employees? What are the rules of the road for agricultural workers in the Commonwealth. These two webinars from 2018 and 2024 cover key information for complying with Massachusetts employment law. Both webinars cover worker classification, overtime, agricultural labor exceptions, minimum wages (note that the amounts changed from 2018 to 2024), and comparing Massachusetts and federal employment laws, and how to know which applies.

Attorney Beth O’Neal of Conn Kavanaugh also covers the following in her 2018 presentation:

  • Consequences of employee misclassification
  • 2018 federal unpaid intern guidance

Attorney Sean Fontes of Partridge Snow & Hahn also covers the following in his 2024 presentation:

  • A deeper dive into agricultural labor
  • Leave and sick time
  • Unemployment insurance
  • Paying minors
  • 2024 federal independent contractor classification rule



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