Waltham Fields Community Farm Prepares for New Overtime Law

About: Waltham Fields Community Farm is a 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to promoting local agriculture and hunger relief through farmland preservation and education. WFCF practices socially, ecologically, and economically sustainable agriculture and provides farming, cooking, and science-based programs for children and adults alike. With a goal of distributing $80,000 worth of fresh produce in 2017 through emergency food programs, subsidized CSA shares, farm-to-school distribution, and the Waltham Fields Outreach Market, WFCF explicitly seeks to provide low-income and disadvantaged communities with fresh, nutritious, and sustainably-produced foods.

Legal Need: As both a farm and a non-profit, Waltham Fields Community Farm has a unique mix of employees. Shannon Taylor, WFCF’s Executive Director, sought legal assistance through the Legal Food Hub to understand the new overtime law requirements, particularly with deciphering what category certain employees fall into.

Lawyer: Legal Food Hub connected WFCF with Mary “Beth” O’Neal and Kathleen O’Toole at Conn Kavanaugh, who each specialize in employment law. Mary and Kate successfully prepared WFCF to comply with the new law.