Nomad Cheese Company Seeks Assistance with Contract and Entity Formation

Background: Kristen has been making cheese for about five years. For the past year, she has been employed by two dairy farmer friends, Caitlin Frame and Andrew Smith, who own The Milkhouse creamery in South China, ME. Now, Kristen is ready to start her own cheesemaking business and contacted the Legal Food Hub for assistance in making it happen.

Legal Need: Kristen plans to produce her own Nomad Cheese Company cheese using The Milkhouse’s infrastructure, but needed legal assistance to choose and form an appropriate business entity and to draft a contract for use of The Milkhouse’s facilities.

The Relationship: Legal Food Hub matched Kristen with Patrick Brady and Wendy Paradis at Bernstein Shur, who brought their deep expertise in startups and commercial strategy to Kristen’s business. Patrick and Wendy continue to work with Kristen to set Nomad Cheese Company on the path to success.