White’s Farm Seeks Assistance in Creating an LLC

Background: Stuart White began raising pigs in 1974 at White’s Farm in Winterport, Maine. At a time when most people didn’t give much thought to where their food came from, Stuart’s pigs were eating a grain-free diet of roots, native plants and other forage and were raised without antibiotics or growth hormones.  As interest in healthier, local food grew, Stuart began raising pigs for his friends and an ever-expanding community of health conscious eaters.  At present, 300 pigs roam freely on 90 acres of farmland where they continue to eat a natural and additive free diet.  Stuart sells whole and half pigs as well as additional value-added products such as sausages directly to consumers.

Legal Issue:  Stuart and his partner Yasmin Kun contacted the Hub to seek assistance in forming an LLC for White’s Farm.

The Relationship:  The Legal Food Hub matched Stuart and Yasmin with attorney Paige Streeter at Libby O’Brien Kingsley & Campion.  White’s Farm is now an LLC and customers who appreciate the tremendous work and commitment that Stuart puts into raising pigs can continue to enjoy the products they love.