Heiwa Tofu Comes to Hub to Purchase New Production Facility

Background: Tucked away in the picturesque seaside town of Belfast, Maine, is a small business with a big idea. While teaching high school physics and chemistry, Jeff Wolowitz noticed a high demand for locally grown tofu. Struck by this need, he launched a journey to produce certified organic tofu and soymilk from New England-grown soybeans. Thus was born Heiwa Tofu. Jeff and his family are committed to eating local, organic, seasonal food, so when it came to his products at Heiwa Tofu, he encouraged the same values. All ingredients are organic and sustainably grown. With a small staff of two part-timers, this modest but growing operation sells mostly to restaurants and retailers.

Legal Need: Heiwa Tofu outgrew its processing facility, so Jeff needed a new space to expand his business. Jeff found a suitable facility and reached out to the Legal Food Hub for legal assistance with purchasing the property and setting up an LLC to hold the real estate. Jeff also needed advice regarding an environmental inspection.

The Relationship: The Legal Food Hub matched Heiwa Tofu with an attorney at Robinson, Kriger & McCallum. Jeff was thrilled to be connected with a skilled attorney to answer his questions and address Heiwa Tofu’s essential legal matters.  Jeff is “very grateful” for the pro bono legal services that helped nurture his small business at a critical juncture.