Halcyon Farm Secures Lease to Expand Production

Background: Halcyon Farm is a small-scale, intensive annual vegetable farm on Cape Cod owned and operated by Lucas Dinwiddie. For the past six years, Lucas has cultivated organic produce for direct-to-consumer sale on only one acre of land located on a busy highway in a residential neighborhood.

Legal Need: A housing development abuts Halcyon Farm. The development association is very supportive of the farm and agreed to lease a 1/5-acre parcel so that Lucas could expand his production. Halcyon Farm reached out to the Legal Food Hub for legal assistance in drafting this lease.

Relationship: The Legal Food Hub matched Halcyon Farm with Richard Stang, an attorney in Westport. Throughout the lease process, Lucas was thrilled to work with an attorney who was “extremely personable and helpful with getting this rolling.” In Lucas’s words, the lease process was “a pretty seamless experience” and he “couldn’t be more pleased with our work thus far.”