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Local farmers and food entrepreneurs are the lifeblood of New England, growing and bringing to market the food we all need and enjoy. The Legal Food Hub provides a unique opportunity for the legal community to give back to those who give so much to all of us. Assisting these farmers, food entrepreneurs, and the organizations that support them can help a farmer or food business owner do what they love, support their family, and contribute real value to their community.

Moreover, the direct-to-consumer, local food movement alone has climbed to a $1.3 billion industry nationwide. Working with individuals in the local food sector to help them become viable opens up the opportunity for law firms and solo practitioners to get more involved in this growing practice area.

The Legal Food Hub offers attorneys the opportunity to provide pro bono assistance on transactional issues. CLF plans to offer continuing training for attorneys in the legal issues they will most often encounter through the Legal Food Hub and in dealing with this unique clientele. Additionally, we offer workshops for organizations that work with farmers and food businesses, and farmers and business owners themselves, about legal issues they should be prepared to encounter.

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