Sowbelly Butchery Forms an LLC

About: Logan Higger is a beginning farmer and butcher who recently purchased a 200-year-old farm in Jefferson, Maine. He has started to raise animals including pigs, chickens, and sheep on the property. He processes his livestock into culinary meats and sells it through his butchery business, Sowbelly Butchery, at local farmers’ markets. Logan also hosts butchery workshops throughout Maine. He hopes to develop more educational programs and wholesale availability on the farm.

 Legal IssueLogan sought legal assistance with entity formation for the farm.

Lawyer: The Legal Food Hub matched Sowbelly Butchery with attorney Ian Green of Perkins Thompson. Ian brought a particular focus on offering practical legal advice to businesses. He was able to help Logan form an LLC for the farm, designate ownership of the LLC’s property, and create waivers necessary to host workshops. Logan found Ian to be an invaluable resource in starting his small business.