All Farmers Seeks Fiscal Sponsorship

AboutAll Farmers supports autonomous groups of refugee and immigrant farmers in western Massachusetts in accessing land, training, and resources. The organization’s work supports over 60 families’ ability to farm; half of what the farmers grow feeds their families directly. All Farmers understands the barriers immigrant and refugee farmers face, including structural racism, language and cultural barriers, and limited financial resources. The organization works to ensure the farmers can succeed despite these challenges.

Legal Need: All Farmers sought fiscal sponsorship from an existing nonprofit organization. Fiscal sponsorship can provide an opportunity for newly formed nonprofits to apply for grants and benefit from the sponsor’s administrative capacity without going through the lengthy and difficult process of gaining 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status.

Lawyer: The Legal Food Hub matched All Farmers with attorney Sarah McGarrell at Pierce Atwood. Sarah’s experience organizing businesses and charitable organizations and her strong interest in supporting a vibrant local food system made her the perfect fit to assist All Farmers.