The Whole Almond Receives Assistance with Trademark and LLC

About: Myranda has been experimenting with and making her own almond milk for over 15 years, constantly tweaking her recipes and testing them on willing friends. Now, Myranda is slated to begin producing her sprouted almond milks at Fork Food Lab in Portland, ME, with the goal of providing the state of Maine with the highest-quality almond milk. In addition to her organic almonds, she will use locally-grown strawberries and blueberries in her flavored almond milks and plans to later produce milk from local grains, as well.

Legal Need: Myranda contacted the Legal Food Hub for assistance with forming a single member LLC and trademarking her business name, The Whole Almond.

The Relationship: Legal Food Hub connected Myranda with Andrew Kraus at Opticliff Law. Andrew specializes in trademark law and startup business strategy, and with his help, Myranda is off on strong legal footing.