Jubali Juice Seeks Legal Assistance with Contract Formation, Investment Terms, and Partnership Structuring

Background: Jubali Juice produces organic juices, smoothies, tea infusions, nut milks, and cleanses for health-conscious consumers. Jubali Juice was founded with the goal of making the highest quality products while also respecting the environment and giving back to the community. Jubali Juice uses locally sourced ingredients whenever possible. They also work with schools and hospitals in their commitment to local communities and participate in a carbon-offset program to be more sustainable.

Legal Need: Jubali Juice came to the Legal Food Hub with three distinct legal needs: drafting an exclusivity agreement with a national restaurant chain, revising an investor term sheet, and restructuring a partnership agreement.

 Relationship: The Legal Food Hub matched Jubali Juice with an attorney at Nixon Peabody in Boston to address its legal needs.